Bio-Consortium specializes in manuscript editing and proofreading services amongst others. Our writing services are geared toward scientific, clinical and biological writing. Whether you are working on a grant proposal, a manuscript, preparing an abstract/poster or you just have the raw data from your work, we can help.

Our services include:

Manuscript Editing & Proofreading
We know it is hard work doing your own research and writing at the same time. Allow us to take over your manuscript writing and let you focus on doing the research. You can trust us to make you look good.
Editing & Proofreading of Grant Proposals/Grant Writing Workshops

Perhaps you have finished a grant proposal and you are not sure if you have dotted your "I"s and crossed your "T"s. Send it to us and we will edit the entire document and strenghten your writing. Grants are difficult to come by these days; however, a poorly written grant proposal won't get you the desired attention. So let us help you get noticed. We also hold grant writing workshops/seminars. Please inquire.

Foreign Language Manuscript Translation/Editing

Do not worry if you do not speak English. We can translate your language into English with 100% accuracy.

Other Services

Galley proof; literature search; preparation of abstracts, posters and symposia presentations; thesis/dissertation writing; technical bulletins; reviewer responses and consultancy